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DNS delegation of updated:


We pick, one of the 13 root servers (1), and ask it about and learn that net is delegated to 13 name servers (2), so we ask where we learn that is delegated to six name servers, including (3), so we ask that one and get the following answer:

Authoritative answer

ANSWER for\# 156 002f05050000012c560d04fa55e569eac9c70472697065036e65740049c19c4e115be8132799733f5e93f4a38aaa457dba9703a4d9c7355e9d34df376917f1f2bb0167c2eb43d2354b34f86ef5237b5bb74aa7409942bf20a59d86b4877e34b2752596c2b9d2cc2988b792691ade1538964d874ea7058b9c1b8f7830bb8fac0d9f45bfb3aa702eee6f7dcbde308168372098f856a222b43c689cb5ee
21600RRSIG\# 156 001c050500005460560d04fa55e569eac9c70472697065036e65740085dd03c8dec0dccfb5c9685ea27fcf10623776a42afb4d9225fb8a19a927e7f27ac553e18a275958c8dae9599049a558572bfa803c5058a4a2e4d4c54af07d93fa2e0c3163b636e7bdd5e97366e9ccc8e0d65998941b700cd4639f540feb8b71248a3f449bfff176210ddb906297e070c2c86d47ce8b1d55462b81e674ffdd3f
21600RRSIG\# 156 0001050500005460560d04fa55e569eac9c70472697065036e6574002837872ac5eebd40b43da49b94d5d0821562c78c6c320c7a3e18ae23e0d9ceff2a729a635b86cc574e0780010563cb0adef1ee0bf6232413cf3d76e11d49f0b28cf08923d32db373949a2de9612c160c058a4e025d7010e5ba02684ef89299f1e6ef5871c4a006f05f73b88ac6e82e7266b2f40dd5520d5689ca619bc50cb509
300NSEC\# 35 026a6f056363746c640761757468646e730472697065036e6574000006400000080003
21600 AAAA2001:67c:e0::82 points to 2001:67c:e0::82.
21600 A193.0.9.82 points to

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